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D Tech (Pvt) Ltd is a premier, innovative and one of the fastest-growing enterprise in Sri Lanka ventured by DSI Samson Group, specializing in a wide variety of IT and business related services including Business Intelligence, Customized Software Development, Networking and ICT Infrastructure, Mobile Application Development, Web Designing and Development, Software Quality Assurance, IT Consultancy, Project Management, and BPO Services.

Infrastructure Solutions

We help organizations to create more cost-effective and responsive Networking and IT infrastructure solutions that enables rapid response to changing market conditions to gain efficiency, flexibility, agility and scalability in day to day business operations. D Tech is a premier

Digital Services

Have a practical idea that needs implementation? We are ready to radically refine your best ideas and to bring your concept in to life with 360°-full-spectrum digital services. D Tech is a cutting-edge Digital Marketing Solutions Company in Sri Lanka,

Business Intelligence

We help you to do better business with analytics, discovering deeper insights by building your own rich, guided analytics applications with a flexible, business-ready solutions, changing the way you monitor and forecast business information by implementing cutting edge robust, integrated


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Why D Tech ?

Within a very short period of time, D Tech has built a strong reputation in all our deliverables, through the skills and expertise of our team members and premier customer service. The Company has already successfully completed many implementations and are currently providing solutions for multiple projects. We at D Tech take great pride in our efforts in establishing an excellent corporate culture within the organization. We firmly believe that company targets and objectives can only be met by creating an organization culture which thrives on self-belief and mutual respect and by inculcating the importance of a healthy work-life balance.


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